Tender, 12v System, Auto Pilot, Spotlight, History


I received two purpose built telescopic supports for the tender canvas. Seems to work perfect. I doubt any water will pool on it now.

12v System

I have been picking away at replacing much of the 12v wiring and removing surplus. I have some time to do this because the two breaker panels will not be here for ‘4 -6 weeks’. I have ordered some nice wire labels but I have been using some green tape for now.

Auto Pilot

I removed more of the auto pilot system – the stern bit. Also crawled in and made myself familiar with the space. Found someone who is interested in the system for a boat that has same and needs the motor. The motor is the only bit remaining so I have asked him to take the motor out and leave with the entire system. He is to get back to me in a week or so. I suspect he is going to check in with a friend who has the need.

rudder position sensor?


I made a second rubber gasket out of some thick rubber. This will allow me to spin on the glass front without having to get the threads that are ‘crossed’. So it should go on and off ‘hand tight’.


I guess Valerie has been googling. She shared a link to a boat publication circa 1929. Search for Seidelhuber or Mary-Mar-Ann (the original boat name).

Wheel House Other

Depth Control

The small round depth control on the dash will be surplus when the MFD gets installed so it will be removed.

Engine Controls

The existing volt and amp meters will be surplus and will be removed. The following will remain as they are;

  • key
  • start button
  • stop button
  • RPM
  • oil pressure
  • temp


The blower fan does not work. This could be period correct but someone has definitely reworked the pipe in this area so I suspect this was installed (or reinstalled) more recently. I have mixed feeling about what to do with this – if anything. A blower is not needed so much in a diesel engine compartment as it is in a gas engine compartment – but it is still a benefit and is probably required. I will probably remove the existing blower fan and install an elbow in its place. I can then install a modern blower fan on the bottom of the pipe. In fact; I can install a fan on the bottom of each of the two vent pipes with one fan blowing air in and the other blowing air out. I guess the fans would have to be brushless or otherwise not create any kind of spark. I think modern blower fans are built with this in mind.

Wheel House Roof

So much has been removed and I now have many holes to repair. The outside was already in rough shape with many obvious patches and some cracks. So I will refinish at least the forward 50%.

I have put plugs in the holes. This does not look ok from the inside. So I will use the table saw to rip thin (think thick veneer) strips of fir and install over existing T&G for the forward sections of the ceiling. This should cover up the holes and whole lot of ‘wear and tear’ and look original.


The VHF is good but I removed it from the ceiling of the wheel house. I will install this (flush mount) along side the MFD. This will reduce clutter. I also removed the (fat/white) antenna.

I will install a new (thin/silver) antenna on the mast. This can also be VHF/AIS/GPS combo if needed. This will also reduce clutter.

Another benefit of this is that I no longer have to lower the antenna AND mast when going into the boathouse – I just need to lower the mast.


I noticed that the; stern, steam and spot lights were not working. I played with the switches and traced some wires but ultimately it came down to testing the fixtures directly – with a portable 12v battery.

The stern and steam lights fell apart when I opened them up so I ordered new ones.

I had a difficult time getting into the spot light. I used an improvised wrench. Fortunately all that was required here was a new bulb.

Auto Pilot

I have removed the Auto Pilot. This removed a large box (clutter) from the wheel house. I may never install a new Auto Pilot but if I do it will have a modest control (NAVpilot-300) that will get installed along side the MFD – a lot less ‘in your face’. Also; the AutoPilot was old and not period correct. So another system eliminated (and may not get replaced). I have to install some kind of compass but removing that large compass freed up the space for the future MFD, AutoPilot control and new switches.


I removed the intercom/hailer system. This eliminated the hailer/horn on the roof, the control box in the wheel house and the box in the cockpit. In short; it eliminated another system. I see no need for a hailer and a wireless handset can be used in place of an intercom.


The boat arrived with 3 horns installed. One on its own air tank and two others on a second air tank. Fortunately the one on its own air tank looks the nicest, has the least clutter in the wheel house, and is the most simplistic system. So I removed the entire second system.

I also removed the loud hailer which has yet another horn.

after surplus air system removed
surplus horns


I have removed the radar from the roof of the boat – including the stand. The new radar will get mounted to the mast (at some point down the road). I also removed the control box from the wheel house. The new radar control will be in the MFD. This has removed clutter in the wheel house and removed the need for the stand on the roof (more clutter).

The entire wheel house roof will get refinished to eliminate old patches, cracks and these scars.


I have started to remove the propane system from the boat. The two burner propane counter-top cooker will be replaced with a similar (120v) electric and a similar alcohol. The BBQ will run off of green canisters and/or portable (small) propane tank. So no propane in the hull of the boat and one less system on the boat.

The fridge is running on electricity at the moment. I have not checked to see if the fridge can run on propane. If the fridge uses up too much electricity while (for example) anchored – I will either install more solar or (more likely) put a 12v cooler box (like what was on Merva) in the boat.